Animals Video

By Becca Husselbee 

A lady with a love for Shetland ponies is happy to have them inside her home – and they even drink tea from a cup and saucer!

Equine lover, Tricia Nassau-Williams, 56, from Advent, North Cornwall, is often showing her Standard Shetland pony, Baylah, off in the show ring at shows but when relaxing at home Baylah comes into the kitchen for a cuppa and a carrot. 


 The five-year-old mare is described as the ‘nosy neighbour twitching the net curtain’, by her owner who works as a lecturer for The Loriners’ Company, one of the Livery Companies of  the City of London. Lorinery is all the metalwork on a horse’s saddle and bridle with a particular focus on the bit. 

Tricia said: “Baylah first came into the house one day when on the way to her field I needed to pop into the kitchen to get something. 

“It was easier for her to follow me in, rather than having to tie her up or leaving her outside. Since then it’s become a party trick of hers, and she loves it.  

“She is happy to come in for a treat or carrot from the fridge and she even enjoys having tea from a cup and saucer.  

“She’s a very calm pony and great company. 

“We recently had a downstairs wet room added and I told my husband that it would be ideal to use it for bathing when we are preparing for the show ring but he draws the line at that.”


Tricia and her husband, Vaughan, who formerly served in the navy, live in the beautiful Victorian property, that overlooks Bodmin Moor, and recently had a visitor to keep Baylah company. 

Two-year-old miniature Shetland pony, Samba, stayed with the couple for two months before going to her new home in Essex last week. 

The cheeky pony followed in Baylah’s hoofsteps and also ventured into the kitchen for a quick snack. 


 Tricia said: “I originally bought Baylah to keep my big horse, Percy company, but eventually showing the Shetlands in-hand took over.

“Baylah will be heading off to compete at Royal Windsor Horse Show next week with County and other shows to follow during the summer.”

“We love having them around and occasionally we would find them on the front lawn, grazing, after getting through the fencing.” 


Tricia’s non-horsey husband, Vaughan, looks after the ponies while Tricia is away with work and she jokes that she, ‘dreads to think what happens’ when she’s not around. 

She said: “There was one occasion where we had a head collar on upside down but he tries his best and does a fantastic job.”

The Loriners’ Company are holding a Lorinery (horse bits and bitting) Conference “Equitation – in the Rider’s Hands” 

on 6th November at Cheltenham Racecourse, all welcome. For full details please visit