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By Hannah Mcfayden

This is the sweet moment where a young boy helps his disabled twin brother to walk.

It just goes to show the incredible bond between six-year-old twin brothers Seth and Beau.

The brothers were born 14 weeks early and weren’t expected to survive, but amazingly they pulled through – despite both suffering from a bleed on the brain and numerous medical issues.

But while Seth was left without any lasting effects from arriving so early, his brother Beau was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

With the condition affecting his legs and arms, Beau needs a frame to walk with.

That’s until his brother stepped in to help.

Their mum, Georgina Machin, 42, says the pair are best friends and hopes that one day they’ll be able to walk together.

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Georgina, who lives in Stoke, West Mids, with the boy’s dad Andy, said: “They were born at 14 weeks and we’d had a rough time at the start, but once we got home their bond really developed.

“They shared the same cot and the same bedroom – they looked to one another all the time.

“I noticed straight away that Beau was bit different. As a baby, Seth would give a little resistance support with his head when I held him, but Beau never did. 

“People just said it was down to prematurity, but it was when he was two and a half that he was diagnosed with spastic diplegia cerebral palsy.

“Seth was walking, but Beau just wasn’t and as they got older the gap between their milestones became bigger and bigger.

Despite their different abilities, it’s never stopped the boys from playing together and getting into mischief.

And even at 21 minutes older, Seth is the perfect big brother – encouraging Beau and even helping him with his physiotherapy sessions.

“They’ve always had a very special bond between them, even before they could talk.  

“Now if Beau’s ever having a bad day, Seth will encourage him saying ‘come on Beau Beau’.

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“He helps show Beau what to do and he wants to come to any of Beau’s physio sessions – when he gets to the end of practising his steps Seth will give him a massive hug.

“He’s got a really natural ability – better than adults, teachers or anything, he just naturally adapts it to find something that Beau can do.

“He changes games to encourage Beau and include him – he’s a very good big brother.

“Beau has been brilliant – he always gives it his all and he really takes everything in his stride.

“It hasn’t bothered him too much; we’ve always tried to encourage him, though when he started school he did start to wonder, he said ‘am I the only one at school who can’t walk mummy?’.

“I explained to him that when he was little bit poorly when he was born and how his legs don’t always work too well.

“I said we’ll keep trying and helping him and maybe one day he’ll be able to walk. 

“Now he says ‘do you think it’ll be this week mummy?’

Beau’s mum is raising money for a special kind of surgery that will allow Beau to walk and will ease the discomfort in his legs.

Doctors say that the procedure, called elective dorsal rhizotomy, should allow Beau to walk independently.

Unfortunately, the procedure is not available on the NHS, so Georgina and Andy have decided to raise the staggering £75,000 needed for him to have the surgery in America.

Pics from Caters News

“Having the surgery would give Beau the best opportunity to keep the bond that they’ve got.

“It would give him his independence and would help with the discomfort he gets in his legs.

“He would love it if he could run around with his brother – Seth just wants his playmate back.

“Beau wants to go for adventures like his brother, but it’s harder for him to keep up.

“For the two boys to be able to run or walk around outside together – it really would be magical.

You find out more and donate to help Beau at