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By Amy Farnworth

A young mum who is fighting breast cancer for the second time has recreated a Christmas classic spoof to encourage other women to check for signs of breast cancer.

Roisin Pelan, from Preston, Lancashire, has re-written the Christmas number one ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas’ to recreate her own version, ‘Feel the Boobs’, which highlights the importance of early detection of breast cancer symptoms.

Roisin, a former medical secretary, was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014, while she was pregnant with her daughter, Ivy, 3, and following successful treatment, Roisin entered remission and remained there for three years.

But tragically, in January this year, she found out her breast cancer had returned and this week undertook her 14th round of chemotherapy to try to shrink her tumours.

Roisin said: “My partner Michael and I are always singing and playing guitar while drinking a bit of wine.

“We uploaded a couple of songs to Soundcloud and then our friend, Chris Brown, sent us a clip of himself singing and we ended up chatting and jokingly said: ‘Let’s do a duet.’”

“Then I thought, oooh, Michael can play guitar, our friend, Kat can do piano, etc etc.

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“I knocked the words up whilst I was in bed after chemo and then got ridiculously excited.

“I made a Facebook group, invited our close friends, and that was that.”

Since her first diagnosis, the 36-year-old has been relentlessly campaigning for Cancer Research and has raised over £10,000 for the charity.

She said: “I was induced at 36 weeks, and after delivering Ivy I was given a mastectomy and blasted with chemo just six days later.”

Following successful treatment, Roisin entered remission and remained there for three years.

However last weekend, she rounded up a group of friends to re-work the famous Band Aid song, in a defiant call to arms for all women and men to check their boobs!

The brave mum now wants to try to get her version of the song to number one in order to raise awareness for Cancer Research.

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Roisin later found out her sister, Lindsey, 42, who lives in Melbourne, Australia, had also been diagnosed with breast cancer.

She said: “She went to get checked out after I had my diagnoses as a precaution, I don’t think she was expecting them to find anything.

“But three weeks after my diagnoses they found a cancerous lump in her breast too.

“She is currently starting her chemotherapy as I’m now starting my 14th round.

“We have been so supportive of each other, even though we are on opposite sides of the world.

“She calls me her little GP because I tell her what to expect at each stage so she knows whats coming.

“Doing this together has been so positive.”

The siblings are now trying to raise enough cash, so they can get together after treatment and finally reunite for that airport hug they’ve been so desperate for.

Pics from Caters News

After having Ivy, Roisin and Michael were advised not to try to conceive naturally again, so when she entered remission in 2015, the couple decided to try and fulfill their dreams of adoption.

Amazingly, their application was granted in November last year and the family of three began excited preparations for the adoption of a baby boy.

However, on discovering her cancer had returned, Roisin had to inform the social workers, who were trying to find her a baby, that they could no longer continue with the process.

She said: “I had to call the social workers and tell them we were no longer able to go through with it.

“It was heartbreaking.”

Determined Roisin even has her own blog, a refreshing and comically honest account of her experience with cancer in which she documents her fight against the disease.

On her Facebook page, she wrote: “A few weeks ago, I re-wrote the lyrics to Band-Aid.

“Fast forward a few weeks, my AMAZING friends came round, armed with booze, guitars, keys and lungs, and LOOK WHAT HAPPENED!!

“Whilst my sister and me both kick breast cancer in the face, her in Australia, me in England, I wanted to raise awareness and tell people if you check regularly and catch it early, great things can happen!

“Please enjoy this little vid and share the shit out of it!”

Her sister even makes a cameo appearance in the video, with Roisin taking lead vocals.

The video of Roisin and her friends singing the song, is available to view through her blog’s Facebook Page, Cancer Fighting Pants Are On.