Offbeat Video

By Kristiana Hall

This heart-pounding video is probably the closest you’ll come BASE jumping, without taking the plunge yourself.

The incredible video shows a BASE jumper glide down the Italian hills with only a wingsuit for control.

The video was captured by professional BASE jumper and coach Chris “Douggs” McDougall, 41, as he take his daily leap.

PIC FROM Chris McDougall / Caters News

Chris, originally from Australia, said: “You go through a range of emotions.

“I had 100% focus on the exit point as this is one of the two most dangerous parts of the jump.

“A bad exit can be deadly so I stayed extremely calm, centered my mind and body, visualised where I needed to place myself during and after exit.

“I triple checked my gear, took three deep breaths, continued to focus and launched into the perfect silence of freedom.

“Once I was flying I was still focused but I also hyper aware and in a flow state so I was quite relaxed – making sure I am breathing and having a wide periphery vision as well as looking far ahead if where I am.

PIC FROM Chris McDougall / Caters News

“Once I finished the flight I disconnect from the hard deck and flared up into safety where I opened my parachute.

“This is the other most critical part of the jump for me. Once the parachute is open I can relax again and re focus on the landing.

“Although it looks very flat on the video the terrain is very steep and you have to attack it to stay near the hard deck. I could’ve pulled up at any time into clear airspace.

PIC FROM Chris McDougall / Caters News

“I have done nearly 4000 base jumps and the fear and feeling is still the same. It is incredible.

“It is an incredible feeling to fly over the forest like this whilst having complete control. This suit flies like a fighter jet!”

You can find out more about Chris and his BASE jumping at