Amazing Video

By Luke Kenton

This incredible encounter shows two daring dolphins enjoying themselves as the surf the waves alongside a tourist.

globetrotter Terry Hammond is about to experience something incredible with two adventurous amphibians.

Enjoying the waves as he travels abroad with his wife Emily, suddenly seemingly from nowhere two hector dolphins dart towards Terry as they prepare to ride the waves.


Gyrating in perfect harmony with the rippling water, only a few feet from where Terry is swimming, one of the dolphins even manages to catch some air, splashing down as the wave begins to crest.

Terry, from London, said: “I’m lucky enough to say I’ve swum with wild dolphins a number of times before, but nothing quite compares to this.

“It was amazing to see these incredibly intelligent creatures engage with me in such shallow water – where I was standing the water was at waste height.

“I felt so connected to the dolphins like never before.


“Seeing them getting the same joy out of swimming with the waves as I did, was a very special moment.”

Terry and Emily are coming towards the end of their 18-month honeymoon after marrying in 2015, which has seen them travel through several different continents.

Terry said: “It’s all flown by very quickly, we’ve been from Argentina up to Alaska, a month hiking in Nepal, a month in India and just over 3 months split between Australia and New Zealand.

“It’s been an incredible journey, filled with life-lasting memories.

“This experience is definitely up there with the very best of them.”