Video Viral

By Mollie Mansfield

A driver captured shocking footage of a cyclist appearing to trip over AIR and go flying from his bike.

Ricardo Da Silva, 34, was travelling home from work when an embarrassed cyclist flew off of his bike in front of him.

Ricardo captured the entire footage on his dash-cam, which showed the cyclist appear to trip over nothing but still fall to the ground.

And after flailing around on his bike on the way down, the red-faced cyclist turned to Ricardo and nodded at him, before getting back on his bike to continue his journey.

The almost cartoon-like footage was taken on Ricardo’s drive home on Tollington Way, Islington.

Ricardo, a receptionist, said: “The cyclist seemed to lose his footing on the left pedal, making his weight shift.

“He then over compensated on the handle bars which lead to him fully turning them – which in turn, made him fall.

“I kept thinking to myself that I hoped he was ok.

“It only took him seconds to get up, and once he got up he gave me the nod and looked more embarrassed than hurt.”