By Becca Husselbee

Can you spot the cunning cockapoos in this photo?

America Cockapoo puppies, Bella and Poppy, were out on an afternoon walk with owner, Stefan Mordue, 37, when he decided to take a scenic picture of his two new puppies enjoying the sunshine.

It wasn’t until Stefan later looked at his phone that he realised they both matched their surroundings so well that they were camouflaged between the rocks, last Friday, in Willows, Ryton, Gateshead.


Stefan, from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, said: “I took the picture without thinking and without being able to see too well, as it was a sunny day.

“I took it on my phone and when I glanced down at the picture they were gone, it was pretty funny.

“I decided to post it n Facebook and lots of people were trying to guess how many dogs were in the picture.”

Stefan, who works from home as an architect, bought the two sisters when they were born, back in January, with his wife, Rebecca, for their two children, aged four and eight.

The puppies have added happiness and joy to the family home after sadly losing their pet cat, Maggie, last year.


Stefan said: “We knew we couldn’t have one without the other and that they would be great company.

“When I went to see the litter, there were only two left and couldn’t bare to see one left on their own.

“They get a lot of attention when we are out for walks and they have helped me get out of the house when I’m suffering from depression.

“They are very loving dogs.”