Video Viral

By David Aspinall

This is the hilarious moment a giggling baby throws up on her auntie during close up tummy tickles.

As Alexandra Theriault entertained six-month-old Rylee Grace Hanks in Mary Esther, Florida, USA, she clearly has her in the palm of her hand.

Having started the laughter with some funny voices, Auntie Alexandra leans in to blow raspberries next to her ears.

Unable to control her giggles, suddenly Rylee throws up on to her aunties hair while she pulls away leaving her mum Kassandra in fits of laughter.

Kassandra said: “I laughed so hard I had to walk away.

“Alexandra couldn’t catch her breath long enough to ask for a towel and I was giggling too hard to think about grabbing one.

“Rylee laid there and thought it was so funny.

“Afterwards I took photos and she stuck her tongue out at us, which she had never done before.”

Having regained their composure Alexandra can be heard saying she “just took a shower, now I need another one” while cleaning up Rylee.