Animals Video

By Ellie Duncombe 

An adorable bulldog was not too happy with his owners but secretly loves having a scrub. 

Lincoln the English bulldog looks defeated after owner, Laura Whittaker, gives him a wash at their home in Bath, Somerset. 

The pup has become famous for his adorable videos and has his own YouTube channel with over 2,000 subscribers. 

Owner, Laura, said: “He actually loves having a bath.

“He loves swimming and is really good in water but loves getting a massage in the bath. 


“Everyone got the giggles when the scene changes and he is in the ridiculous red cap. 

“It was just by chance that I actually even had that hair net as I had gone for my first ever spray tan a couple weeks before.”

Although Lincoln has become fond of bath time he was previously frightened of water. 

Laura said: ” When we first got Lincoln he was terrified of water. 

“He was previously disciplined with a water spray bottle so we bought him a paddling pool in the summer and he was frightened of it. 

“Now he loves it and has swum numerous times in the river near where we live. 

“He loves water so much now, so it has been great to see the transformation and shift in mindset.”