Animals Video

By Charlotte Regen 

A freediver has filmed the r-eel-y scary moment a slippery eel jumped up out of the sand during a spooky night dive. 

Julie Anne Casey was diving with friends on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Australia, when she spotted a shorthead worm eel. 

Julie followed the slippery creature, filming it for some time, before it started to disappear into the sand and then suddenly jumped up towards her. 

The eel then quickly buried itself in the seabed. 

Julie said: “The eel was busy looking for food when I found and started to film it. 

“I followed the eel for several minutes before calling to my dive buddy to come and have a look at what I’d found. 

“He swam over with his very bright torch which appeared to upset the eel. 

“The eel lurched up towards the light before burying itself tail first. 

“I have seen these eels before and know they can be quite shy and are totally harmless but I’d never seen one react like this. 

“Being a night dive I’m very easily scared of anything that swims at me especially with such speed. So I squealed.”