Offbeat Video

By Ben Walley

This is the awe-inspiring moment where a woman goes through three different forms of the splits one after the other.

Personal trainer, Rose DiNuccio, 26, goes from front splits to straddle splits, then back to front splits on the other side.

Rose, from North Andover, Massachusetts, says that it’s taken her about three years of training to be this flexible.

She said: “Everyone is different and it took me about 3 years to be this flexible. It doesn’t feel uncomfortable as I have worked my way up to this level of training. 

“I wouldn’t say easy because my hips just don’t want to go that way and my friend actually had sat on me to get me into my middle split for about 1 min before I shot this video. 

“As far as super flexible I had a pretty sweet Mexican handstand before my shoulder injury. I’m currently not able to work on it since I’m just getting back from injury.

“I love doing stuff in public to spread the movement. To show others anything is possible with dedication, consistency and a vision.

“I worked hard on my flexibility and continue to put in the work needed to keep getting more flexible.”