Life Video

By Josh Saunders

A mum-of-three in search of the ‘FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH’ undergoes leech therapy and now keeps the little bloodsuckers as pets in her home.

Marcela Iglesias from Los Angeles, California, USA, followed international model MIRANDA KERR to have the ancient treatment that stems back to Egyptian times – even reportedly used by Cleopatra.


Fixated on natural treatments the mum-of-three had four leeches fixed to scarred region where she had a C-section in the hope of reducing the marks and ridding her body of toxins.

After showering the marks where the leeches suckled, then bled for seven hours but Marcela believes her stomach already appears flatter.

She believes the 40-minute treatment will keep her youthful and purify her body – now keeping the bloodsuckers as pets, so she can continue treating herself every three-months.

Marcela, manager of the Plastics of Hollywood, said: “I’m looking for a natural way to age beautifully instead of going to a plastic surgeon.

“I like to try new things when it comes to organic medicines and treatments, leeches have been used since the Egyptians, Miranda Kerr used them too.

“We put four leeches on my stomach area, she applied it to the area where I had a C-section, around the scar tissue there are toxins that can be sucked out when the leech is attached.

“I felt it latch on my body and the tingling sensation, I was laughing in some videos, it was a ticklish sensation, a great experience and there are a lot of benefits.


“After a shower it comes off then you bleed for seven hours because of the anticoagulant then after that it stops and within a week it’s like nothing was there and it looks flatter.

“My stomach feels like it’s flatter, the first two days it was inflamed where the leech sucked, it creates a mini scar and blood comes out, but now it looks fine.

“My family told me I was crazy, others who see them in my house have said, ‘What the hell is this?’ but they are my new pets, I’ll take care of them.

“I think they are kind of cute, I’m not disgusted watching them, they look like worms, are very slimy and easy to manipulate.


“Next time we will try the back, arms, close to my neck, other people who suffer with skin problems put it on their face.

“Until then they are kept in glass with tap water and no holes, even with a tiny gap they can escape.

“They will be swimming for two to three months, then I will take them out and let them have their feast.”

On top of the leech-based treatment, Marcela also had cupping and ozonotherapy, which uses purified oxygen to help revitalise the skin so that it can recover and regeneration more easily.

She focuses on natural therapies opposed to surgery. 


Marcela added: “Nothing can replace nature’s creatures or plants to cure diseases or help prevent them, I am 100 per cent sure that nature is better than pharmaceuticals.

“The best part of the treatment was when I felt the leech was latching on my skin, I felt a connection and It also ‘tickled’ I loved the sensation.

“Leeches helped me to clean my blood and promote circulation for my C section incision. We also did Ozone therapy 

“I wanted to detoxify my body without medicine or surgery to purify my body, there’s a lot of pollution and stress that need organic therapy to release.

“If it worked for Cleopatra, it must have been a great method.

Marcela has been fixated on body alteration since her childhood, growing-up in Argentina, when she was prevented from playing with Barbie dolls by her mother who branded them ‘too fake’.

She was determined to change herself, but explores nonsurgical options and looks into most holistic measures to achieve similar results.


Marcela said: “When I was younger, I wanted to transform myself but I was raised in a society where it’s a taboo to change the way you look, I couldn’t express myself the way I wanted.

 “Internally I would love to look like a super girl, but as a child I couldn’t go out like that nor look crazy, no one would let me and criticise me to the point of bullying.

“My mother never bought me a Barbie doll to play with as a child because she said they looked fake, but now I have the real human dolls to have fun with.

“I am amazed by people who can achieve certain looks or turn themselves into characters and couldn’t believe these people didn’t have an agency before mine.”

This would lead up to her creating the Plastics of Hollywood the ‘Real Life Barbie Doll House’ in 2016, where she has a host of plastic surgery enthusiasts.

Among the talent includes: Rodrigo Alves, Justin Jedlica, Pixie Fox, Vinny Ohh, Jennifer Pamplona and many more.

Since having the treatment with LA Leeches she has kept the creatures in a jar, ready for her next use.


Marcela said: “I have always been fascinated with holistic medicine,  I have always wanted to do leech therapy but it was very hard to find a doctor or a practice that would do it, until I found La leeches.

“I was able to keep the leeches that were applied to me so I can do treatment at home, Irina mentioned that they can be fed every two months and she showed me how to take care of them and keep them safe.”