By Mike Jones

These incredible images show the RAF’s Tornado jets as they shoot round Wales’ Mach Loop.

The Machynlleth Loop consists of a set of valleys in west-central Wales and it’s known as a place where jets practise low level flying.

PIc by Caters News 

This could be some of the last flights of these Tornado jets as they’re set to be retired in 2019.

The photographer said: “The Tornado jets regularly take part in low level training within the hills of North Wales e.g. the Mach Loop.

“The Tornados have been training in this area for many years making them available and ready for combat at any time.

PIc by Caters News

“The tornados can train down to an altitude of 500ft and can go around 500 knots through the Mach Loop.

“It’s a real shame that the tornado is retiring as it has been a great asset to the RAF and the U.K since coming to help protect ours and other countries as per the Falklands which it proved a very good jet at low bombing raids and carrying out their duties and coming home safe.

“It will be a great loss to the RAF to see this wonderful jet retire as a great variable swept wing airplane that has been proved to have been such a great aircraft in the skies.

PIc by Caters News 

“Also it will be greatly missed to the aviation enthusiasts as it is a much loved aircraft. It will be also sad to see it doing low level training within the hills of Wales.

“But time moves on and we will now look forward to the F22 and F35 carrying out roles the tornado has done over the years.”