winking owl

By Lauren Campbell

A wild owl has been caught winking at the camera in a series of cheeky snaps.

Ravi Upadhayam, 30, from Bangkok, Thailand, was visiting the Rot Fai Park when he managed to capture the moment the owl winked at the camera.

PIC BY Ravi Upadhaya/ Caters News

The pilot, who started taking pictures five years ago, was over the moon to see the owl perched on a branch in the middle of the day.

PIC BY Ravi Upadhaya/ Caters News

Owls – who spend a majority of their day asleep – are rarely spotted when it’s light, let alone caught winking at the camera.

Ravi said: “I love taking photos of wildlife and I’m particularly happy with this set.

PIC BY Ravi Upadhaya/ Caters News

“The owl is winking at the camera and it’s not the sort of pose you see every day, especially not with these birds.

“You normally have to wait for the owl to yawn or stretch.

PIC BY Ravi Upadhaya/ Caters News

“I was visiting the park in Bangkok last July and would love to go back and see something similar next time.”