Offbeat Video

By Ellie Duncombe

A Japanese chef who started making pancakes to cheer kids up after an earthquake now has a month long waiting list.

Pics by 28 Lab / Caters News

Creative Keisuke Inagaki uses his incredible talents to turn the sweet dishes into cartoon characters like Super Mario and celebrity portraits of Mahatma Gandhi and Alice Cooper. 

The 48-year-old began his appetising artworks to lift spirits in his hometown of Fukushima after it was devastated by and earthquake and power plant disaster in 2011.

Since then Keisuke has produced 2000 masterpieces, branching out into creating portraits of his customers’ pets.

Pics by 28 Lab / Caters News

This popularity has seen reservations sky rocket and the chef of 18 years now even leads lessons for locals to produce the artworks at home.

 Each pancake creation takes between 10 and 20 minutes to create, with Keisuke using two different types of batter to create the character outlines and fillings.

After browning the outlines to differentiate colour, he uses soy milk to make his filling batter especially white.

Pics by 28 Lab / Caters News

Keisuke said: “I was looking for activities mothers and children could do together before discovering pancake art.

“I saw an American named Nathan Shields making it, and thought it was interesting.

“While the children were playing, the mothers and I wanted to surprise them.”