Offbeat Video

By Charlotte Nisbet 

A five year old has been caught on camera trying to pronounce popcorn and instead shouts ‘c*ck p*rn’ while getting ready for school. 

Angelic Felix Wooldridge had no idea he was saying the word popcorn wrong until his worried mum asked him what he was actually trying to say. 

After repeatedly saying the word ‘c*ck p*rn,’ his mum, Rebecca, 44, was concerned her son was trying to say something very rude. 

She can be heard saying ‘phew’ as she realises Felix is actually just trying to say the word popcorn. 

The hilarious moment was caught on camera by his amused mum. 

Rebecca, a blogger, from Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, said: “I couldn’t believe it when Felix started saying ‘c*ck p*rn,’ I was worried he was actually trying to say a swear word. 

“It wasn’t until he said ‘popcorn’ shortly afterwards that I realised what he wanted. 

“Kids really do say the funniest things and I couldn’t stop laughing afterwards. 

“Felix has no idea how rude the two words he has said are, bless him.

“We were getting ready for school when he said it, I thought it was too funny not to film. 

“I got my phone out just in time and managed to film the short clip. 

“I love filming my kids doing cute and funny things as I know they’ll laugh as much as we do when they’re older.”