Offbeat Video

By Katy Gill

An eight-year-old dumbstruck golf student was so surprised by his tutor’s great trick shot that he shouted ‘what the butt’ at the top of his lungs.

Golf professional and part-time kids coach, Nicolas Trice, had promised his class of young golf students that they would have an ice cream party if he could hit the golf ball into the basketball hoop at the apposing end of the sports hall.

The young boy who attended the after-school class in Austin, Texas, was so shocked by the great shot that he lost control of his reaction and slipped out the frowned upon saying, on April 11.

Although the entire class soon realised something naughty had been said, they were distracted by the fact the swear had been caught on camera and immediately wanted to watch it back.

Nicolas said: “The young student was only eight years old, he has a sweet, goofy smile and a complete love for life.  

“It was hard to discipline him because the moment was so funny and he is such an innocent child.  

“I played the video to his parents and they also just laughed it off.

“They could not bring themselves to punish their lively son either.”