Life Video

By Luke Kenton

This retiring policeman was reduced to tears as he signed off for the last time, before handing in his badge after 37-years of service. 

’10-7’ was the code muttered by Highway Patrolman, Mark Gilbert, announcing that he is now ‘off-duty’, but for the Arizona State Troopers, this will be the last time they ever hear his voice over the radio. 

Serving as an officer relentlessly for the last 37-years, Mark finally decided to finally hang up his badge on March 30, in Kingman, Arizona, with the tears already flowing long before his last radio transmission. 

Noticeably choked-up as he struggles to announce ‘this will be my final 10-7’, a heartfelt epilogue is echoed by dispatch who admit they’re also crying at the thought of his ensuing departure. 

Placing the receiver back into the holder, Mark is once again washed with a flurry of emotion as he wipes away the tears with his hand. 

Looking forward to spending his retirement in his hometown of Kanab, Utah, Mark’s last call has been viewed over five million times on social media.

He said: “I did everything in my power not to get emotional during my last call. 

“I remembered all my friends in the department that have passed away either by natural causes or in the line of duty. 

“And I thought about seeing the incredibly beautiful Escalante National Monument every day on my drive home from work.

“It’s pretty funny, it all started when my son suggested that my wife film my last call. 

“He thought it would be a great memento for the family. 

“At his urging we put the video on YouTube and from there my phone started exploding. 

“It’s been a great tribute – I loved my job. 

“I’ve always admired police officers and I always will.”