Life Video

By Charlotte Regen

A PEN cap stuck in a man’s ear for YEARS has been removed thanks to the help of forceps. 

Footage shows Neel Raithatha – known as The Wax Whisperer –  removing the foreign object after it became wedged. 

The Wax Whisperer runs The Hear Clinic in Oadby, Leicestershire and was happy to help the patient after he had trouble with ear syringing.

Neel said: “The patient visited his local nurse for ear syringing but they were unable to perform due to a foreign object being lodged inside his ear canal. 

“He was subsequently referred to see myself for treatment.

“The patient advised he must have accidentally dislodged the bottom end of a pen inside his ear as he had a habit of scratching the inside of his ear canal using the back of a pen.

 “The eardrum was fortunately not affected as it was lodged near the entrance of his ear canal.

“It took less than a minute. 

“I was shocked as at first I was unaware of what the object was. It is the worst item I have seen stuck to date.”