Animals Video

By Ellie Duncombe

This adorable little elephant caused a big splash when he took a tumble in the river.

The two young elephants start by having a play fight, but when things get a bit rough one of the elephants decides to take a dip.

Bumbling forward the little elephant heads off happily into the stream, but just a few steps in he seems to trip and disappears below the water with a splash.

Elize Malan, 59, captured this footage along with her husband as they watched the young elephant play.

The video was captured in Kruger National Park – where Eliza works as a Travel a Tours Manager.

She said: “They were 2 young elephant bulls drinking water, then they start to play fight, the one decided that it was very hot and had to go and cool off. 

“He ran and just fell into the water. The other one followed him and the play went on.

“I have never seen anything like this before – not the way he entered the water.

“I cracked myself laughing and I posted it on face book and the people loved it.”