Video Viral

By Charlotte Regen 

A three year old has created a penis for a potato because ‘he’s a man.’ 

Adorable Wiley Nyback was at home on March 20 when he decided that his homemade Mr Potato Head – which was a potato his dad had creatively decorated –  needed to be anatomically correct. 

The clip, caught on camera by his mum, Megan, shows Wiley creating a penis for his potato with a piece of metal wire – and when asked why was doing so, he responded ‘because he’s a man.’  

His parents found it hilarious and have since shared it with their friends and family online. 

Pic by Megan Nyback/Caters News

Megan added: “Wiley’s dad had some leftover wiring from an electrical job he was doing on our home, so he made Wiley a homemade Mr Potato Head, using the wiring for arms, legs, and a face. 

“Wiley is at that wonderful age of toilet-training, so everything about body parts and bathrooms is his topic of choice.  

“So apparently he felt Mr Potato Head needed to have a penis because he’s a man.  

 “We laughed a lot at the video, he’s a smart and perceptive kid. 

“I decided to take the video for Instagram to show our friends the homemade Mr Potato Head and it was while filming that Wiley had other plans for him because, of course, he was a man.”