By Lauren Fruen

STUNNING shots of a see-through frog gives the illusion it is made from glass.

The picture was taken in Mashpi Reserve in Ecuador by photographer Jamie Culebras who was making an inventory of the amphibians and reptiles there.

Pic by Jamie Culebras/Caters News

The 33-year-old said: “In the picture you can see perfectly the internal organs of the glass frog.

“It is a female and you can also see the eggs that are growing inside, the green balls, which will later lay on the underside of a leaf of a plant over a stream and whose mass eggs will be taken care of by the male.

Pic by Jamie Culebras/Caters New

“I love this picture because I love to show widlife behaviours and curiosities and interesting nature facts.

“After seeing this you can understand why these kind of frogs are called glass frogs.

“It’s wonderful. Every day nature surprises me.”