Offbeat Video

By Katy Gill

An ingenious creator has pieced together a complex contraption that streamlines dinner time and even serves cake for dessert – literally putting the cherry on top.

Joseph Herscher, from Brooklyn, New York, USA, has specialised in creating machines since he was five-years-old, with his work even being featured on the educational television show ‘Sesame Street.’


He has outdone all of his past machines with his most recent invention named ‘The Cake Server’ – it serves up a main evening meal followed by a slice of cake with cream, and a cherry on top.

With the help of a toddler sidekick, Wiremu, on March 25, Joseph was able to perfectly emulate the Rube Goldberg machine – a device that performs several tasks linked together by a ‘domino effect’, at his home.

The clever contraption, that took only three-months to construct from start to finish, features additions such as hammers that set off a phone call to a chandelier swinging and narrowly missing the inventor’s head.

Joseph said: “It took a long time to get these everyday objects to do what I wanted them to do”

The New Yorker sought inspiration for the video from many places – from his little helper’s need to grab smartphones, to a potato rolling off his dinner plate.


Wiremu, Joseph’s infant helper, took only 10-minutes to learn how to handle a smart phone, with him being much easier to teach than some past apprentices such as dogs and parrots.

Joseph said: “Dessert is my favorite course and I hate waiting for it after I’ve eaten the main.

“The machine makes dinner and dessert much more convenient and seamless by eliminating the break between them.

“I was thrilled when everything worked perfectly together.

“The cake got placed right in the center of my plate, with the cherry and creme on top too.


“I was able to eat cake immediately after my main.

“I love pineapple cake, so I was very happy.

“It was delicious.

“I have been blown away by the response I’ve received from people watching the video.

“Everyone seems to love it.

“I guess there are a lot of other people out there who really can’t wait for dessert.”