Animals Video

By Ben Walley

A filmmaker has captured incredible birds eye view footage showing an ‘island’ of flocking sea lions.

William Drumm, 32, was filming across Monterey Bay, California, when he noticed a group of sea lions huddling together in the bay.

However, when he started to film them from a higher view, William discovered that the sea lions almost appeared to form their own ‘island’ due to how many there were.

This incredible footage encompasses just how many sea lions reside in this bay – so much so that they appear to make an island themselves.

William, from Denver, Colorado, said: “I love how it looks like its very own “sea lion island”.

“The group of sea lions floating on the surface of Monterey Bay are too fat and full of fish to haul themselves out on the rocks without puking up their lunch.

“A lot of people think the sea lions are dead, but they are just resting.

“I suppose from a distance at first it looks like they are dead but I can assure they are not!”