Animals Video

By Charlotte Regen

This plucky waterbuck calf looks as though his time is up – before managing to outwit a huge pack of wild dogs who had fancied having it for supper.

Quinton Josop was guiding a group on safari when he spotted the group of African Wild Dogs chasing a newly born waterbuck and its mother in a bid to separate them and pounce on the youngster.

But the clever young calf managed to outwit the pack by diving into a pond – which the dogs just aren’t quite brave enough to venture into.

Quinton managed to film the calf holding its nerve while the hungry pack circled the water – looking more and more likely they were going to brave the murky depths to reach their lunch.

But eventually, the group gave up and wandered off – leaving the calf free to leave and find its mother again.

Quinton said: “We had been told that the mother was nearby, but we couldn’t see her. They were separated for about an hour and a half.

“My colleagues were doing guide training and they found the African wild dogs moving through the bush chasing various species of antelope. I told my guests that were have to get into the west very quickly if we wanted to see some action.

“We got to the west and found about nine African wild dogs surrounding a small pan and a waterbuck calf standing dead still in the middle of the water.

“The dogs were at this moment very anxious to get to the waterbuck but they were not sure about entering the water. We sat there for some time watching the dogs moving around the pan trying to get closer to the waterbuck, but no luck.

“We think the dogs were extra careful because crocodiles are often lurking in these small pans.

“In the end the dogs gave up and left the area. The little waterbuck moved closer to the side of the pan and later got out. In the afternoon the waterbuck mother and calf were seen together again, calf still covered in mud, but he survived the ordeal!”