By Luke Kenton

This incredible photographer managed the persevere through the pain to document her son’s first few seconds of life as she captured her own labour in pictures.

Despite having nearly ten-years of photography experience behind her, there was one shoot Lauren Chenault, 25, had in mind that no amount of training could’ve prepared her for – to document the labour of her second child.


Hoping to have originally done it during the birth to her first-child Kailah in 2015, Lauren had to concede that such a task during her first pregnancy wouldn’t be possible as she was unsure what to expect.

However, following the news she was expecting again less than a year later, the photo-studio owner from Rockville, New York, was determined to capture her son’s first breaths.

Resting the camera on her stomach, Lauren pushed as she clicked away at the button on her camera, capturing two stunning images of Kai’s first few seconds of life.


The mum-of-two admits the photographs will always hold a very ‘special place’ in her life, recently shared the pictures to social media, celebrating one-year-on from Kai’s birth.

Lauren, owner of You’re My Focus photography studio, said: “I wanted to do it with the birth of my daughter, but I didn’t know I would have to hold my own legs, so I didn’t happen.

“With my son I can prepared with my friends in there to hold my legs for me and the camera resting on my stomach.

“My family was amazed I was able to capture it, but my husband wasn’t surprised – when I put my mind to something, I make it happen.


“This was so important to me, I think it portrays how women really are superheroes.

“I couldn’t believe I actually got the shot – I took about 30 images but only two were usable.

“It was a total adrenaline rush when everything was happening, my mind was focusing on pushing but I had to remember to click the button.

“My son is probably going to kill me when he’s older, for plastering his fresh naked face all over the internet.

“Having these photos will always hold a special place for it me – it speaks 10,000 times louder than words ever could.”