Animals Video

By Ellie Duncombe

These curious cubs are using their excellent sense of smell to check out a car people on safari.

Inquisitive by nature, the cute critters have even been known to chew on the tyres, bumpers and mud-guards.

Lucky for this group, the cubs that come up are just interested in sniffing out what’s going on.

The footage was captured by, Quintin van der Merwe, a wildlife photographer and field guide based in South Africa


Quintin, who took the video in Kruger National Park, South Africa said: “This happens quite often – young/baby Hyenas are extremely curious by nature, and they approach vehicles so often.

“This was filmed by their Den Site, and the baby Hyenas walked up to the car.

“They have an extremely strong sense of smell, and they come to the vehicle because they can smell Buffalo and elephant dung on the wheels and mud guards.

“Sometimes they start chewing on the tyres, bumpers or mud guards. Normally I will just hit my hand against the door to give them a little scare, so that they stop biting. They never cause any serious damage, it is more of a nibble than and actual bite.


“I just enjoy the absolute cuteness of them, and also keeping an eye on the adults sleeping nearby, just making sure if they come closer then I need to move the camera away slightly.

“I would not film adults like this, they are a lot more dangerous than these young ones.

“I don’t want readers to get the wrong idea here. These Hyenas approached the vehicle out of their own curiosity; they were not lured in by any means.

“They have a natural curiosity. These Hyenas were never touched by the camera or myself, I control the camera on a long stick, so my hands are nowhere near these animals when I film them like this.”