Animals Video

By Josh Saunders

This Gentoo penguin needs to BEAK CAREFUL as it makes its way across ice in hilarious video.

The monochrome bird struggles through the brash ice shore in Port Charcot, a small bay north of Booth Island in the Antarctic Peninsula.

As the clumsy penguin tries to travel through the obstacle course of glacier calvings, it bumps, tumbles and topples over more than it’s standing.


But determined and clearly unembarrassed by his hilarious slips and slides, it eventually reaches land where it will return to the next.

Lauren Farmer, 32, from San Juan Islands in Washington, USA, filmed the funny footage in 2016, and believes it represents the daily difficult struggles a penguin has to face in such a climate.

Lauren, an Assistant Expedition Leader of G Adventures, said: “We went back and forth between concern for its well-being, laughter at the absurdity of what we were experiencing, but most of all, admiration for its determination.

“I’ve seen penguins endure the harshest climates on our planet. Sure, this penguin had had better days, of course. But it can get through a lot more than this, so I wasn’t too concerned.

“Who doesn’t love a penguin video? They can do no wrong in my eyes.

“I am continually floored by the sheer determination of these adorable little creatures. They are far tougher than we are.

“Imagine arriving home after a meal, one where you likely encountered and swam away from a predator or two, and having to climb over boulders of ice the same size as your body just to get to your front door.


“It’s a day in the life of Antarctica’s penguin population.

“Penguins in Antarctica are not in as quite a dire a situation as the polar bears in the Arctic.

“However, they are adapting to a changing ecosystem due to climate change and the potentially catastrophic impact of krill fishing near breeding sites.

“Penguins are well-insulated with thick feathers and used to battling strong winds, freezing temperatures and sharp ice on their leathery feet.

“However, even the toughest penguin will experience frustration at the effort required to simply get ‘home’ to its colony.”