By Pete Goddard

A golden bed fit for Royal newborns complete with Swarovski encrusted diamonds and 24 carat gold plating has gone on sale.

The cot, built by mega-yacht designers has been launched in Dubai, has been designed to mimic the womb to ensure the best night sleep for any little bundle of joy.


But despite the hefty price tag of £40,000 ($60,000) The Luulu bed already has a waiting list of well-heeled parents who want to purchase the lavish crib.

No luxury has been spared for the small bed, with Maserati leather, Swarovski diamond-encrusted quilting and 24-karat gold plating.


Billed as being the epitome of diaper-doting luxury, the gold Luulu – which takes 200,000 man hours to plate –is perhaps more suited to the highway than the bedroom, with its soft interior shell lined with the same leather as the seats of Maserati supercars.


However, partners Marta Buzalska and Dariusz Panczyk – who run Luulu from their home in Gdynia, Poland, where they produce three different cot-styles, the gold of which is the most prestigious – actually took inspiration from the cream of the high-seas in dreaming-up the concept for their slick sleep pods.