Animals Video

By Curtis Mitchell

A YOUTUBER has given a glimpse inside Japan’s incredible fox village where visitors can pet the animals.

Isabelle Cosgrove said the bushy tailed foxes were the “sofest animal” she had ever petted.

She visited the sanctuary, called Sao Fox Village – which is more than 200 miles north of Tokyo – capturing her time there on video.

Pic by Isabelle Cosgrove/Caters News

Isabelle said: “At first I was a bit worried as they warned us not to touch the wild foxes in the walk-around area because they could bite you.

“They took us through an entire safety sheet which explained how to show yourself as dominant if a fox looks like it might attack you.

“However, as soon as we were walking around we realised the foxes didn’t care too much about the humans unless they were throwing food for them.

Pic by Isabelle Cosgrove/Caters New

“I pet three foxes. I was even able to hold one on my lap whilst petting. You weren’t advised to try and pet the wild foxes in case they tried to bite you.

“Touching a fox was really surprising. They are unbelievably soft. I didn’t expect them to be softer than my cats but I think they’re the softest animal I’ve petted.”