Animals Video

By Chanel Livesey

This cheeky pup just couldn’t resist the call of the feather pillow and was discovered swimming in feathers.

Henry the Rhodesian ridgeback managed to slip his crate and break into his owners brand new feather pillows.


But his owner, Mary Elizabeth Hatch, 27, says that Henry was simply having so much fun, she couldn’t bring herself to tell him off.

The one and a half year old pup really is the picture of happiness as he cavorts around the mess in their Kentucky home.

Mary, an Emergency Medicine resident intern,  said: “I came home from work and Henry, Serrano, and Rosebug (not featured in the video because she’s a good girl and not a pillow eater) met me at the front door.  Henry is our dog.  The other three belong to my family.

“It was kind of weird because Serrano had feathers stuck in her collar – that struck me first.

“What struck me second was that Henry was out of his crate.  We always crate Henry and Maisie when we’re gone because they’re a bit younger and prone to mischief.

“I started seeing these little tufts of feathers in the living room so I followed the trail back to the bedroom and found the feathers.  Henry happily led the way, wagging his tail and looking real proud of himself.


“The feathers were like three inches deep.  It was nuts.

“Turns out, Henry had busted out of his crate and torn up a single feather pillow.  He was quite chuffed with himself and happily started rolling around and showing off his work.  No shame.  No regret.  I tried to shame him with the classic “Did you do this?” but he didn’t care.

“Just pure happiness and showing off.  Maisie joined in while Serrano watched.  I kept half-heartedly tried to get Henry up out of the mess, but he was so happy and I couldn’t really be angry with him.

“The mess was impressive, but he was super cute and I was glad he didn’t get hurt while breaking out of the crate.  You hear these horror stories about dogs getting stuck or cut or strangled, you know?


“So we had a good laugh.  I decided to just close the door and decompress (have a glass of wine) with Henry before cleaning up the feathers.  It took maybe two hours to get them all up?  Henry and Maisie stayed in the feather pile while I was cleaning and we just kind of played around.

“It’s kind of funny, we live in Kentucky and nearest Ikea is quite a drive.  My mom and her hen friends had road tripped to Ikea this past weekend and she bought like ten feather pillows.\

“She’s been going on for days about how great she’s been sleeping on her new pillows and that we should try them.  The pillow survived four days with Henry.

“We’ve now had to put the new pillows in storage until Henry grows up a little more.”