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By Mike Jones 

A professional alligator handler has formed a close bond with a deadly creature.

Chris Gillette, 30, from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, has made a name for himself as the man who befriends alligators and crocodiles without a home.

PIC BY Christina Barringer / CATERS NEWS

Chris, who has been handling crocodiles and alligator for the last decade, has formed a very close bond with one 10 foot snapper which had to be taken into captivity.

Alligators who are classed as a ‘nuisaance’ are often destroyed are have to be kept in captivity, rather than be located, due to their rehoming instinct.

Chris, who works at Florida’s Everglades Outpost, where the gators are kept, said: “Casper has a surprisingly ‘calm’ attitude when interacting with humans.

“I’ve been a professional alligator and crocodile handler for the last decade and also run tours to safely get people up close to gators and sharks.

PIC BY Christina Barringer / CATERS NEWS

“Christina got some great shots of Casper.”

Only a small number are crocs end up in captivity and the Everglades Outpost is the only place in the US where you can come close to alligators and crocodiles legally.

Photographer, Christina Barringer, 30, also from Fort Lauderdale, was able to capture the incredible bond on camera back in February, this year.

She said: “Not only is safety a priority during this adventure but so is respect for the animals.

PIC BY Christina Barringer / CATERS NEWS

“It’s truly an enlightening experience to come face to face with these modern-day dinosaurs.

“Instead of fearing these animals, I promote respect and protection for them as well as conservation for their environment.