Video Viral

By Kirstie Sutheran

This is the adorable moment a baby girl hears birdsong for the first time and breaks out into a huge grin.

Taking a stroll through Bedelands Nature Reserve, West Sussex, with dad Archie, five-month-old Alice already has a glint in her eye.

As soon as the birds overhead break out into song on April 8, her eyes go as wide as saucers and a grin stretches out across her face.

While the chirping continues, Alice continues to look around in wonderment and even makes some gurgling noises as way of a response.

Pics from Caters News

Archie said: “She has never heard birdsong before and I have never seen her so animated in her life.

“She was mesmerised by the sounds coming from all directions.

“I couldn’t see her directly as I was carrying her, but my wife was bowled over by her reaction. 

“It’s more about the wonder of nature and her innocent, unadulterated reaction to something we take for granted. 

“Alice is a very special baby for us and every time something new happens we fall more and more in love with her.”

Pics from Caters News

“She’d been making gurgles and giggles the whole walk, but really got animated when we were by the Millpond.”

The video has received so many nice comments across social media, that Archie has arranged a nature walk.  

He said: “The comments from people in my community have lead me to organise a family walk in the nature reserve, tied in with a litter pick and a scavenger hunt for kids. 

“We’re hoping to have a community BBQ afterwards by way of thanks to those who’ve litter picked. 

“It’s being well received and hopefully it will be a great event.”