Offbeat Video

By Helen Parkinson and Sophie Norris

This couple shunned the traditional white wedding in favour of zombie apocalypse-themed nuptials – with a severed head cake and gory special effects.

Electrician Briannah Williams-Humby, 25, and her tattooist husband, Aric Williams-Humby, 31, had dreamt up their nuptials over three years and planned almost every detail themselves, from the zombified bodies guarding the entrance to their Beetlejuice wedding minister.

The ‘newlydeads’ hired an entire fairground last August and had their family camp out in RVs and tents before the ceremony, offering them a full zombie makeover with professional makeup artists.

Their cake, half red velvet and half almond flavoured, was created by viral baking sensation Katherine Dey, and included life-sized replicas of the pair’s heads, with a waterfall of sugary blood and recognisable features such as Aric’s earrings and Briannah’s nose piercing.

Even though it looked fit to be a Hollywood blockbuster horror movie, the frivolous couple planned most of the wedding themselves and only spent $13,000 (£9,135).


Briannah, from New York, USA, said: “I literally had to rip my husband’s head off on my wedding day.

“We saw a similar wedding cake to ours on Pinterest and at the time, Katherine Dey was new to Rochester. We were engaged for two years and during that time she was doing more and more amazing stuff.

“She agreed to do it for us and it cost $500, which was great. The sponge inside Aric’s head was red velvet and mine was rainbow and almond.

“Aric was the bridezilla – not me. He had always dreamed of a zombie-themed wedding and on our first date he gave me a list of conditions for dating.  One of them was that we had a zombie wedding.

“I knew I wanted something gothic with skulls and roses and we both loved Tim Burton so it evolved from there.”

Aside from the cake, which itself was a show-stopper, they involved all 250 guests who dressed as zombies and horror film characters.


One couple embraced their love of comics by going as a Harley Quinn and Joker duo, while others were clowns and pirates.

In their quirky wedding album, the guests grouped together for pictures showing off their amazing horror makeup.

While they knew the wedding would be ‘out there’, Briannah claims she had to tame her husband’s outrageous demands to save their grandparents, who had travelled from out of town and would not have appreciated blood and guts everywhere.

The happy couple walked down the aisle to heavy metal band Avenged Sevenfold’s song ‘A Little Bit of Heaven’, a song about a man who kills his wife who then comes back from the dead to murder him before marrying him in the afterlife.

Briannah said: “There were a few people who thought the theme was questionable, but we’ve always been this way. Nobody was really surprised.

“There were definitely a couple of things that we had to tone down a little bit. I told Aric ‘you can’t have blood and guts all over the place. We’ve got grandparents coming into town.’


“But everyone in our families and our closest friends dressed up. Everybody was excited because it was so different. They couldn’t wait to pick out their outfits.

“We had some friends help us with ideas towards the beginning but it was mainly just me and Aric who planned things.

“We’d go to fancy dress stores the day after Halloween to pick up discount decorations and we’d spend whole days doing crafts.

“Afterwards we calculated how much it should have cost if we’d had people do things for us and it was $130,000, but it actually cost us $13,000 finding things ourselves.

“I walked down the aisle to Avenged Sevenfold, which is a super zombie type song that no one expected, and our first dance was Demi Lovato’s ‘Lionheart’.

“I bought my wedding dress off a local selling site for $40 and Aric got his suit on Ebay for $30, and the wedding officiant was our friend, Cody Holler, who got ordained for the day and dressed as Beetlejuice.

“He now actually performs other weddings too which is so cool.”