Life Video

By Katy Gill

A man whose life was saved by a bone marrow donor has met his saviour during a surprise meeting two years after the life-saving transplant.

Bruce Becke from East Leroy, Michigan, USA was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia in December 2015, after enduring seven unsuccessful rounds of 24-hour chemotherapy, the 60-year-old’s body couldn’t fight the deadly disease any longer.

He was transferred to the University of Michigan’s Comprehensive Cancer Centre, who were able to match him up with a 24-year-old stem cell donor, Mike Driskill.

Marking the second anniversary of Bruce receiving the transplant on March 31, his daughter, Amber, and Mike’s mum, Sunni, had secretly arranged for them both to meet over dinner.


The touching video was captured by the emotional Amber during his loved ones singing ‘Happy Birthday’, over a cake with ‘Happy 2nd Birthday’ written on top.

Unbeknown to the cancer survivor, Sunni – who was sat next to the family during the dinner – asked “how are you two?”, to which he replied “two-years ago, I got a stem cell transplant.”

Bruce shared with the mother that he received the transplant ‘from a kid in Baltimore, Maryland’ adding “He’s the only reason I’m here today”

The conversation kept flowing freely between the families with the mother stating they’re from Baltimore.

It wasn’t until Bruce said the name of his donor that the life-saver took of his cap and revealed himself, locking into a loving embrace for a few moments before shaking hands.

Bruce said “I praise the lord for sending me to The University of Michigan, without them I would have never of met Mike.


“I am in debt to him forever, I will always be his friend – he will be my family’s friend forever too.

A year after receiving a stem cell donation, patients are given the opportunity to reach out to their donors to show appreciation.

Bruce said: “A year after the transplant, I was able to reach out to Mike.

“He wrote to me and told me about himself – I was so glad to hear from him, I cried.

“I immediately replied and thanked him – I even sent him some gifts.

“But how do I thank him for what he has done?”

“I’ve always loved life and my family, but now, everything seems more important than ever before.”