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A student with nearly a three-decade age gap from her boyfriend and is the same age as his son speaks out to stating he’s her ‘partner’ not her ‘father’

Yessenia Mwaniki, 27, of Modesto, California, USA, started chatting with former coworker Hip Briseno Jr., 56, over Facebook two years ago, bonding over 1970’s music.


Although his son Titus was born the same year as Yessenia, Hip has been living with her for more than a year and is planning on having his fourth child with her.

The couple say their relationship has gone so well because Yessenia was getting tired of dating men her own age and her boyfriend had always bonded better with younger folks.

The two go to church together every Sunday and people always tell her that it is nice that she attends mass with her ‘father’.

Yessenia is quick clarify that the man she is with is actually her the ‘love of her life’ and says she cherishes Hip’s way of ‘taking care of her,’ a quality most of her younger boyfriends lacked.

The divorcee likes that his girlfriend keeps him active and ‘feeling young’.

Yessenia, a retail worker and beauty student, said: “I’m going to be with him through the good and the bad, no matter what.

“The main thing that drew us together was my music interest. He didn’t expect a woman in her 20’s to be into Motown artists and bands like Journey.


“We were both always religious, but this relationship has made us much stronger spiritually.

“I’ve always gotten along better with older people and he’s always gotten along better with younger people, so this works out perfectly.

“People in church always say to me, ‘it’s so nice of you to come to church with your father’ and always say, ‘He’s not my father. He’s my partner in crime.’

“He’s just such a gentleman. When we go grocery shopping, he tells me to go inside and carries all the grocery bags in himself.

“Men my age don’t want to do things like that for me. They expect me to do everything myself.”

Hip, a warehouse supervisor, added: “I love how she keeps me active. We’re always going to the park and walking the dog together.

“Most men in their 50’s who have partners around the same age start getting lazy and going through depression.”

Hip was a little surprised when he realized that a woman nearly 30 years his junior was attracted to him.


He said: “I was actually a little amazed that she was interested in me because I was years apart from her. It was hard for me to grasp, especially since she’s quite beautiful.”

When Yessenia was getting to know her boyfriend, his age was barely noticeable.

She said: “He had the same qualities as anyone else can, so the gap wasn’t really a big deal.”

While they don’t consider the difference to be a problem, they have noticed some major contrasts between each other while having conversations.

But the duo say these dissimilarities are what make their everyday talks even more interesting.

Hip said: “She talks about her job and school and all the excitement going on, while I talk about being in a warehouse all day.

“What’s interesting is the amount of things we have to talk about.


“Now that she’s in school, we do miss each other quite a bit.”

While having a baby may cause some family drama, Hip says he deserves to be happy again and that he believes most relatives on both sides will embrace their future child.

He added: “I gave to my kids, they saw me go through a divorce and ultimately this is my life.

“I think they’ll have a lot of love for that baby.”