Nature Video

By Luke Kenton

This rare weather phenomenon resembles a scene from a doomsday film, as low-forming rolling cloud sweeps across horizon like a Tsunami wave.

A sunny morning in Leavitt, Alberta, Canada quickly takes a sharp turn as a huge roaring cloud – resembling a towering wave – sweeps in over the horizon, on March 30.


Engulfing the entirety of the of the ground below as it rolls across countryside, the gigantic haze eventually causes a complete white-out as it swoops over Shayna Olsen, as she watches on in awe filming the rare encounter.

Lasting several minutes, the unusual cloud formation provoked several inches of snow to fall in the hours following, marking a very cold beginning to Canada’s spring.

Enamored by the stunning spectacular, college student Shayna, said: “It looked like something from the Day After Tomorrow.

“It was a huge wall of clouds that just engulfed everything.


“The clouds rolled in as quickly as they left – they completely covered the sky and it started to snow.

“I’ve seen cold front move over the mountains before, but never this close to the ground.

“It was incredibly interesting and I was amazed at the clouds and their speed.

“It was very much a case of being in the right place at the right time – I feel lucky to have witnessed it.”