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By Jacob King

This fashion-conscious pooch is a VERY smart boy who loves nothing more than to strut his stuff in tailor-made doggy clothing.

Devoted owner Christine Anthony has splashed out £1,000 on tailor-made shirts, pyjamas and hats for her beloved one-year-old Chinese Shar-Pei Jackson

According to Christine, whenever Jackson sees her camera or a shirt being taken out he races onto the bed and is eager to put his best paw forward.

The effect is impressive with the lordly hound looking extremely dapper in an array of outfits.

Professional dog walker Christine, from Nottingham, said: “Jackson loves dressing up and he looks majestic.

“Every time I go to fetch the camera or pull out one of his jackets he does get excited.

“I like him to look as human as possible, so the clothes I order for him are shirts and other things people would wear.

“My favourite ones are his plaid shirts because they are the closest things to clothes you see in shops.

“I buy them all from America where they are custom made. I just send over the measurements and they arrive by post.

“Some of the things I have bought him don’t find him anymore. I must have bought coming up to 50 items for him and each one typically costs around £20, although some can be a bit more.

“I have seen jackets for £200 but I’ve not stretched to that yet.”

Christine has had Jackson since he was a 10-month old puppy.

She began by dressing him in her husband Kevin’s shirts before an internet search revealed companies in the US that custom-made dog clothes.

Once a new outfit arrives Christine takes her time taking the perfect picture to suit his attire.

Christine, a mum of seven, said: “He was such a playful puppy and just for fun I started dressing him up in my husband’s shirts to see what he looked like.

“It was really cute but obviously they were far too large for him.

“But then I started finding sites in America that could make outfits for him and I couldn’t resist.

“It’s exciting when a new ones arrives and I must have spent a few hundred pounds on them.

“Sometimes you can get the perfect picture really easily and other times I’ll spend a while trying to get it right but it all depends on Jackson.

“If he gets bored and wanders off I don’t force him to do it.”

Jackson’s popularity soared recently when one of Christine’s daughters posted about him on Twitter.

Christine said: “My daughter’s got a Twitter account and she put a photo on saying how crazy her mum is and that she could literally cry because he has all these shirts.

“Just overnight we ended up with thousands and thousands of followers.”