Life Video

By Curtis Mitchell

In a cloud of snow the two cars collide on the narrow highway, smashing together and rolling in the cold.

Incredibly, the two drivers were left with just minor injuries though sadly the dog in the pick up truck did die.

This shocking dashcam footage was captured by Laurence Crabtree, a local fire chief, on the State Highway 108 in Tuolumne County, California.

Laurence immediately sprung to action and called his dispatch centre for help and then began to help the stricken drivers.

Laurence, 64, said: “I’m the Fire Chief of the Mi-Wuk Sugar Pine Fire Protection District, with more than 37 years in the fire service. I’ve seen a lot of this.  It was not scary to me, I had a job to do.



“The vehicles were travelling below the posted speed limit, but obviously too fast for conditions.  I was travelling 51 MPH at the time of the accident, as shown on the dash cam video.

“I immediately contacted my dispatch center and had them dispatch a full response, then I and another Chief who was riding with me, assessed the situation to determine what we needed.

“It turned out to be minor injuries, so we only need to provide support until the arrival of the fire engine, ambulance, and CHP.  The highway was blocked in both directions, so we did not have any further traffic hazards.”