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By Josh Saunders

A real estate agent who has been confused for Justin Timberlake for nearly two decades has become a lookalike after constantly being mobbed by fans.

Peter Lillyman, 33, Phoenix in Arizona, USA, is so i-N*SYNC with the superstar’s looks that he’s been paid to party on a plane, requested to be someone’s paid date and more.

PICS BY PETER LILLYMAN / CATERS NEWS: Peter suited up looking like Justin Timberlake

Comparisons between their likeness started at 14-years-old after he cut his hair short, when growing-up in Carlingford in Sydney, Australia.

Since then hundreds of people have compared him to the star, from air-hostesses who ask him questions as if he’s the star and directors on-sets who believe he’s the real deal too.

He has charged up to $500 through Mirror Images for his work that ranges from meet and greets to club appearances, and was even filmed for a documentary about Britney Spears.

Peter said: “I’ve had hundreds of people say I look like Justin Timberlake throughout my life, I thought if people think I’m him without even trying I should do something about it.

“I get some interesting requests, I did an appearance at a Justin Timberlake throwback at a club, I was taking pictures with people and someone wanted to be pictured close to my crotch region.

“I’ve had a request from a lady who wanted to hire me as her boyfriend and to go with her to a party and confront one of her friends who was cheating with her husband.

PICS BY PETER LILLYMAN / CATERS NEW: Peter is regularly confused for Justin and even was paid to party

“I felt uncomfortable about it so told her an unreasonable amount of money and so she said no.

“I used to drive for Uber 70 hours a week, one night there was a party of pilots and hostesses for a private jet, they paid me to stop Uber-ing and party with them.

“At a bachelor party in Las Vegas, we had VIP access and one of the managers came up to thank me for coming to the club and was really pumped thinking I was Justin Timberlake.

“I’ve also had a request to film for a Britney Spears documentary, meet and greets, I worked with Sketchers, private parties and more.

“I love to see how far I could go with this and do it full time traveling around the country or world, making things happen.”

The first comparisons between Peter and the ‘Sexy Back’ star, during his early teens after cutting his hair short, initially used by his siblings to joke around with their brother.

Peter said: “My neighbour was the first person to catch on, when I was 14 and Justin would have been 18.

“I had buzzed off my hair and my neighbour told me I looked just like Justin Timberlake, she suggested that I should try to double for him.”

PICS BY PETER LILLYMAN / CATERS NEWS: Peter during his teens when he was first compared to Justin Timberlake

Peter believes his likeness to the singing sensation who performed during this year’s Super Bowl has been present for the whole of his life, with them both sharing similar personalities.

He heard the comparisons throughout his life, but after cutting his hair two years ago, he says more people believed he was Justin Timberlake.

Peter said: “For a long period of time I grew my hair out long and had a long jerry curl afro and dreadlocks, which I had cleaned up my look, grew a beard and changed my glasses.

“I have the same type of hair, it’s almost exactly the same, it’s curly and thick, a lot of people say my facial structure is the same and then the beard helps too.

“I don’t take myself too seriously and like to be a jokester, so we match well with our personality and looks.

“My sisters have joked around sending me pictures of Justin Timberlake since I was around 14, and they think we have similar personalities.”

Peter is signed to Mirror Images, a lookalikes and talent agency for celebrity doppelgängers.

PICS BY PETER LILLYMAN / CATERS NEWS: Peter practicing his routine, it will be 20 minutes long – here he is performing at a charity gig

While he did not attend the Mickey Mouse Club like Justin, where his singing and dancing was nurtured, the doppelganger is working to expand his act.

Peter said: “I wouldn’t classify myself as a dancer or a singer, last year I started getting choreography lessons, I’m not there yet but have practiced a fair amount.

“What I really enjoy is interacting with the crowd or people on the street, meeting them taking photos and video, I’m slowly but surely ramping up more performances.

“I would like to be involved in bachelorette parties, make appearances with a few drinks, surprise the bachelorette.

“I was contacted to be a Justin Timberlake stand-in, for a concert to do the meet and greets and take pictures with people in the booth and vendor area.”

On average Peter charges between $200 – $500 for a booking, he believes the most enjoyable thing is interacting with the public and seeing how thrilled they are to see the star.

PICS BY PETER LILLYMAN / CATERS NEWS : Peter is regularly confused for Justin and even was paid to party

Peter said: “First and foremost, it’s just really fun, people really like Justin Timberlake, everyone is always excited and want to interact.

“People tell me I look like him a lot and even when I try to deny it they don’t believe me.”

Peter is represented by Mirror Images, which has been running for 23 years and has over 1,500 individuals on their books worldwide.

Dot Findlater, originally from Brixton, London, founder of the agency said: “Peter came to us as brand-spanking new, he had never done anything like this before and so we had many conversations about what it actually took to become a lookalike.

“His celebrity is musical and Peter had never performed before so that was a big task for him to take on.

“He’s taken it on full throttle which I’m impressed with, we are in the process of putting together a 20-minute show with him singing and performing with dancers.”



PICS BY PETER LILLYMAN / CATERS NEWS: Peter getting ready for the event

Dot explains the public reaction during a recent trip to the Hollywood Boulevard.

She added: “When people walked past they would doubletake unsure whether they should go up to him or not, due to him looking so strongly like the celebrity.

“Peter has such an amazing look as Justin Timberlake, he also has the antics, the mannerisms, the celebrity talent, he has a sense of rhythm so can dance and he can sing.

“He is a very likeable character and it’s very important for celebrity lookalike to take on this character to honour and respect that.

“They can’t do silly mad scenes like running through football pitch naked, it’s not good karma.”

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