Video Viral

By Curtis Mitchell

This is the shocking moment a Peugeot veers across a motorway to avoid a crash only to slam into the central reservation before being hit by a passing car.

As Ben Gorczyca, 25, and his partner travelled to a spa hotel in Cheshire on the evening of April 4, he witnessed a crash at the Lymm Interchange, Junction 9 on the M56.


With a Peugeot travelling in the inside lane, a white Audi suddenly decides to move over from the middle lane without indicating.

Attempting to avoid a collision, the smaller grey car brakes and swerves, but its momentum sends it careering across the two outside lanes.

Travelling in his £17,000 Volvo V60, Ben slammed on the brakes but was unable to avoid crashing into the rear driver’s side of the Peugeot, pinning it against the central reservation.

Ben, from Stalybridge, Cheshire, said: “That car was my pride and joy and I fully expect it to be written off.

“By the time we collided, I was probably travelling about 40mph.

“I was very glad to have been driving a Volvo at the time as the accident was completely out of my hands and the car did a very good job of mitigating any injury.

“Fortunately, we escaped with relatively minor injuries.


“I’m currently following the doctor’s advice for whiplash, a sore back, shoulders and arms.

“My hands were cut quite a lot when the Peugeot struck the side of my vehicle putting in the driver side window which showering me with glass.”

Ben spoke to the Peugeot driver who visited the hospital the following day for head injuries.

Ben said: “After the initial shock and making sure everyone involved was ok, it quickly sunk in that the car I had bought and cared for so meticulously had been destroyed because I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

The Audi driver didn’t stick around following the collision and police are still searching for the driver.