Animals Video

By Charlotte Regen

The owner of a house-bound cat lets her put her HEAD inside his mouth.

Ariel, the ten-month-old caracal, is a cat native to Africa, but lives with it’s owner Loban Ksenia at home in Moscow, Russia.

Ariel appears to be very friendly, as she is seen putting the majority of her head into her ‘catdads’ mouth – much to his amusement.


Loban originally bought Ariel from a breeder when she was just two months old, and has looked after her ever since.

Loban said: “This video was taken in our apartment and this was the first time she has ever done this.

“It was both weird and funny to see how Ariel put her head into her catdad’s mouth – he felt like he is at the fluffy dentist.

“She did it three times that day and even now she still does it sometimes!”