By Jamie Smith

A team of balancing ants have used their incredible strength to collect seeds together on a washing line.

Eko Adiyanto, 45, from West Java, Indonesia, was in his neighbours garden on March 23 when he spotted the ants.

Pic by Eko Adiyanto/Caters News –

The photographer – who often has to travel great distances to find insects – was thrilled to capture these photos so close to home.

Eko added: “These pictures show us how strong the ants are and that they have great team work.

“These ants were in action on my neighbour’s washing line, which was tied to the tree.

Pic by Eko Adiyanto/Caters News

“I think I am very lucky to have experienced and witnessed this phenomenal event.

“These ants are small insects but have enormous strength and are able to work together.”