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An adorable video has captured the hilarious moment a nurse, too exhausted to get out of her scrubs, dozes off on a bed flanked by her snoring dogs.

Rachel Martinko, 29, a nurse at Morton Plant Hospital in Florida had just finished a three-day work shift.

PIC FROM Caters News

Rachel’s boyfriend Ethan Wycoff, 32, a software sales representative captured the cuddly moment.

“They were all sleeping so soundly, Cleatus snoring as usual, and it was too cute not to capture the moment,” said Ethan

The touching moment in the video shows a departure from a usual day in the life of the Seminole, Florida, residents.

“We’re typical, outdoor loving, beach bumming Floridians. We spend a lot of our free time out and about with our dogs either at parks, beaches or at our favorite restaurants,” Ethan added.

But on this day Rachel was truly exhausted.

PIC FROM Caters News

“Rachel had just finished her 3rd consecutive day at the hospital and had worked a longer than normal shift. She was exhausted.”

Rachel came home to Ethan getting work done in his office and the dogs relaxing on the bed.

“She always comes in to greet us before taking a shower and unwinding for the day. She was home less than 10 minutes before a simple hug and a kiss for the boys ended up sucking her in with them,” he said.

The bulldogs Cleatus, 9, and Opie, 3, were totally exhausted from lounging around the house all day and decided it was a great opportunity to reel Rachel in for a nap on the bed.

“My dogs don’t typically do anything to earn their perpetual exhaustion, but they sleep hard and they will often suck you in to a nap like a black hole.

PIC FROM Caters News

“They slept for a good hour before Cleatus kicked Rachel in the head trying to reposition himself.

“He’s my old man. He fits the bulldog stereotype in every way. He’s calm, slow, lazy (or energy efficient as we call him) quiet, rarely gets excited about anything other than food,” Ethan said.

Despite the numerous evil attempts to trick them into taking impromptu naps the couple absolutely love their lazy dogs, and take them just about everywhere.

“They join us to dinner, to the bar, to watch sports, the beach, on vacation, you name it.”