Offbeat Video

By Curtis Mitchell

This is the hilarious moment that a woman’s garage door seems to mimic the cry of Jurassic Park’s famed T-Rex.

With a dinosaur hand puppet, Alli White, 29, managed to illustrate this perfectly as her garage door opened and her $2 hand puppet growled.

Alli’s post went viral as many people recognised the iconic scene from the Spielberg’s creature feature movie.

Alli said: “Every day when somebody comes home and opens the door- I can hear it from upstairs in my office and after a while I memorized it!

“It reminds me of how I used to memorize the dial up from AOL back in the day- after a while you can just hum along.

“It eventually dawned on me that it sounds eerily similar to the iconic T-Rex from Spielberg’s classic, Jurassic Park.

“I had just done some shopping at Walgreen’s one day and noticed that they had some cheap toys in the Easter basket toy section.

“That rubber puppet immediately caught my eye. It was too good of an opportunity to pass up, especially for $1.99. I made the video the moment I got back home!

“The door has been rather squeaky for some time now! You just get used to it after a while. I always tried to talk others into greasing it because one – I’m tiny and two – ladders are too scary!

“It made me feel really good to know something I did could make this many people get a genuine laugh!

“I’m so used to watching other people’s funny clips online and my entire day will turn around for the better from having such a good laugh! I always wonder, “Who comes up with this stuff?!” So it’s definitely surreal to contribute with my own little home video!”