Animals Video

By Alex Matthews 

These little lion cubs were left on watch while the rest of their pride took a cat nap.

As their mothers snoozed in the shade it was left to the youngsters to keep their ears pricked and their eyes peeled.

Cute video footage shows them peering towards a group on safari to assess if they are a threat while the lionesses sleep soundly next to them.

But they could not keep their concentration the entire time, with one cub scratching at its head and the other rolling onto its back after an exhausting watch.

Eventually, after nearly 30 minutes, one of the adults woke up to check all was still in order.

IT professional Drusti was on safari in Tanzania’s Katavi National Park when her guide pointed out the pride of lions.

Drusti, from Alexandria in Virginia, USA, said: “It was an honour and a privilege to see the wild, African bush.

“Our amazing guide Jairo from Nomad Tanzania found this beautiful pride.

“Watching the cubs made me think about how they will grow up to create their own pride and how sweet and innocent they look now.

“They are learning all the skills they need and are even keeping watch over their sleeping pride.

“I felt privileged and thankful to witness it in person. It’s one thing to see these things on TV, but to experience it first hand is magical.

“We spent a good 30 minutes watching the lions.

“The cubs were quite curious and one started to think about walking towards our vehicle but then changed its mind.

“The whole trip was one long highlight as we were able to see so much wildlife.

“I am active in elephant conservation so they also have a special place in my heart.”