Video Viral

By Katy Gill

A new world record has been set for the largest binary detonation using 1776lbs (126 STONE) of explosives showering the air with incredible red, white and blue cloud.

Chris White, creator of Freedom Hard – a brand set up to use humor as a way to show patriotism – conjured the plan up after selling his wedding certificate and purchasing explosives with the money.


Deciding that make his next project was going to go with a bigger and better bang, he chose the number 1776 as the weight, to recognise the year the Unite States of America gained independence.

Obliterating a plot of unused land in West Texas, in early January, the record breaking attempt beat the previous of 600lbs by almost triple the amount.

Using a 50-calibre sniper rifle and standing 400 yards away from the bomb site, Chris shot at the 1776lbs of Binary X explosives, with a further 300lbs of red and blue chalk and 1776 white ping pong balls.

The impressive detonation created a cloud of red, white and blue – the three colours of the American flag.


The company president conjured the plan up after his soon-to-be wife left him 30-hours before their wedding day, only leaving behind their wedding certificate, which he would go onto cash-in for explosives and the birth of ‘Mission: 1776’.

Chris said: “We had explosive technicians from a local military base present.

“They checked the shrapnel and bomb blast distance.

“Once the explosion had been set off, we had to call the firefighters as the fire on the land grew quite quickly.


“Around five firefight trucks had to attend, with 14 to 15 firefighters in attendance.

“The blast left a 3.5ft deep hole in the ground.”

“You could feel the wind from the bomb blast, and was estimated to have traveled 30 miles.”

Chris and his 18 friends, including the land owner, who were present for the detonation all wore the American flag to celebrate patriotism – with the ladies wearing a red, white and blue flagged bikini.

The patriot said: “I was very impressed with the outcome of the blast and happy to see the chalk and ping pong balls created the red, white and blue colours of the USA flag.

“I’ve received nothing but great reactions from this.

“I had to move heaven and earth for this to happen – so now we’re going to blow a big hole in the earth.