Amazing Video

By Jamie Smith

From leaping off the top of the world to diving through a funnel of clouds, this skydive filmed on a 360 degree camera gives a unique perspective.

Nicholas Lott, 32, has recorded his jumps with the camera strapped to his helmet focusing on him as he falls through the air.

Pic by Nicholas Lott/Caters News

But as the aerial videographer from Houston, Texas, tilts his head it turns the sky into a blue bubble and with another turn it appears the entire globe is at his feet.

The veteran jumper has been using the camera for the last two months and has even recorded himself kicking his cap off the floor onto his head creating a strange image.

He said: “The videos are filmed using a 360 degree camera, which is filming in 5.2K.

“The 360 camera provides a very unique perspective, and thanks to the high resolution, you can edit and animate that perspective in post-production.

Pic by Nicholas Lott/Caters News

“With the way it’s filmed and edited it looks at first like there is a third person on the jump with us filming from the outside.

“The video then reveals that the camera is actually stationary, and only the perspective is changing.”

Thrillseeker Nicholas has recorded the jumps on the camera to show other first time divers the thrill of taking the plunge.

He added: “I work for a company called Skydive Spaceland. We take many people on their very first skydive and there are people in our organisation with over 20,000 jumps! My job is to capture those jumps on video to share with the world.

Pic by Nicholas Lott/Caters News

“I’m happy, grateful, and humbled that I get to show this experience to first time jumpers on a daily basis.

“Skydiving is a thought which excites many people, but something that few people dare to do. The people who find the courage to jump often say it’s the most exciting experience of their life.”