By Becca Husselbee

A diver has compiled a gallery of selfies with an amazing array of creatures from the deep.

Will Clark, 47, loves to pose up with the underwater animals including sea lions and turtles while snorkelling.

But on some occasions he has found it is not as easy as it looks to get himself and the potentially dangerous predators both into frame.

Will from Somerset said: “I love that my images can sometimes amuse or astound people.

“The sea lion pup was so much fun, a crazy experience – they are so cute but mischievous!

“Also the manatee was lovely to snorkel with, they are so big but so gentle – this is only a youngster.

“Like with the sea lion pup, this was an interaction that was sought after by the animal- it wanted to spend time with me, which is so rare with wild creatures.

“Turning my back on a very large orca, one of the biggest predators in the sea, was a curious thing to do. We use super wide angle lenses underwater so this big male is much closer than you might think.

“Actually I wasn’t in too much danger as he comes from a Norwegian population that almost entirely eat fish not things my size like seals, but you should never let your guard down around any predators: my buddy was watching my back.”

Will is a partner in a property letting and development business but has now been bitten by the photography bug.He added: “Ten years ago I took a camera beneath the water while diving in the Maldives and an obsession was born

“I am now building my name as a wildlife photographer, specialising in underwater images – in the last year alone I have had images feature in four of the most prestigious photo competitions in the world.

“I want to share views of the natural world that most people never get to see. I spend all my holiday time seeking out places I can dive or snorkel with interesting animals.

“On some occasions I have been lucky enough to have spent enough time taking purely wildlife photos of animals that I have remembered to take a selfie with them too.”