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By Bilal Kuchay

A son has been detained by police after he was found living with his mother’s body he had preserved in a freezer at his home for three years.

Bina Majumdar, 83, had died in a private nursing home on April 7, 2015.


But, according to police, Subhabrata Majumdar, 43, had applied ‘mummification’ techniques to preserve her body in a freezer used to store ice-creams on the ground floor of the house on James Long Sarani in Behala, Kolkata in the eastern Indian state of West Bengal.

He told police he did it as he thought she may come back from the dead but they have discovered he had been withdrawing her pension.

On Wednesday night, police and Kolkata homicide department officials acting upon a tip-off raided the two-storey house, where Majumdar lives with his 89-year-old ailing father Gopal Majumdar, and detained him after they found Bina’s body in the freezer.


Nilanjan Biswas, Deputy Commissioner of Police, said: “One of our sources informed us that something is wrong in this house. We raided the house and were shocked to see the body in the freezer.”

“Subhabrata told us that he had preserved his mother’s body in the freezer with this belief that she will come alive some day.”

But police have found Majumdar had been withdrawing his mother’s pension for the past three years.

Majumdar’s parents, Gopal Majumdar and Bina Majumdar were former employees of Food Corporation of India.


A debit card linked to the pension account of Bina Majumdar has been recovered from his possession.

Mr. Biswas said: “We are investigating the pension angle in the case as well. We have contacted the bank for more details.”

Shubhabrata Majumdar, currently unemployed, is a leather technologist.

Apart from two freezers including the one that contained the body, police has recovered lot of chemical material from his house.